Common Questions & Answers

How does LegalConference™ compare with similar services online?

Sometimes the best answers are provided by visual comparisons.  Our chart below illustrates some of the differences between LegalConference™ and other top videoconferencing providers online.


Videoconferencing LegalConference™ Mega Meeting Go-To-Meeting Skype
Video/ Audio Communication X X X X
Multi Platform, Supports All Operating systems X X X X
Secure Conversation in Conference Call X X X X
More than 2 Participants on a Video Call X X X ?
Centralized Server for Multi-point calls X X X ?
Webinar and Classroom Capability X X X
Firewall N.A.T./Pass Through Technology X X
No Software to download X X
Eliminate Set Up Charges X
Ambient User Suppression "Push to Talk" X
Secure Server Document Sharing X
Built In PDF Conversion for Cross platform OS X
Date Started Video Conferencing 1999 2004 2004 2003
LegalConference™ offers a quick and easy format to conduct a clean online videoconference experience. No per user charges. No need to spend hours of training learning how to use the product. LegalConference™ was professionally designed by a company with over 10 years of videoconferencing experience making the layout intuitive for the average Internet user. For further information regarding our products and services, please call 800-529-5121 toll-free or e-mail
*Attention* Skype and other web videoconferencing products have banner ads and pop up commercials during the videoconferences - LegalConference™ does not. In addition, most of the web videoconferencing services require everyone using the conference to fill out a personal information form, no privacy. LegalConferenceā„¢ does not require everyone to disclose their information.

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