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How do I make my videostream secure if I am using Google Chrome?

If you are using Google Chrome for LegalConference™, make sure you are using Adobe's Flash player and not the default player installed with Chrome. 


To get the Adobe Flash player, please use the following steps:

  1. First install Adobe Flash player using this link to get the latest version for Chrome:
  2. After installing Adobe Flash player, close your Chrome browser and then re-launch the browser again.
  3. Type into your Google address bar:
  4. Make sure you are using the Adobe Flash player in the list of plugins that are listed.  You may need to click on the plus sign next to the Details tab to the far right to see all the plugins used by Google Chrome.
  5. Click on disable next to the Chrome Flash player that ends with
    The plugin will be shaded when disabled.

Now you are ready to use Chrome to conduct videoconferencing meetings without any issues.

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