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Video, Voice, and Data Transfer via Convergence Technology.

Videoconferencing with Live Document Collaboration™ was created by lawyers for lawyers. We have nearly 20 years of experience providing videoconferencing services to the legal community - from court house to jail videoconferencing arraignments and bail hearings to attorney depositions of experts and witnesses.™ has evolved into one of the most efficient server side software packages available to the legal community, accommodating attorneys with scheduling conflicts, allowing for an online meet instead of in person.™ also serves as a neutral environment for mediation or settlement conferences where parties are uncomfortable being in the same room.™ is the only videoconferencing service that allows for secure live document exchanges during a conference without the need for e-mail or faxing of materials. The videoconferencing service combines document review and video communication into one easy-to-use program with higher standards of security and confidentiality than previously available.

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Ease of Use / No Downloads™ is a unique web based service that allows virtually any web browser to engage in various types of videoconferencing. Since there are no software downloads, communication though the Internet can be done easily with anyone and to any location in the world without long distance charges.™ is the only video service that provides redundant video services in order for different browser experiences to occur.™ offers both Flash and WebRTC video services with full support regardless of the web browser being used.

Secure Document Vault Archiving

The™ software accesses documents securely placed into the vault (similar to a bank teller retrieving funds from a bank vault). Each document is stored separately and independently of every other file. The document vault that™ uses operates under the same concept of security as a bank vault.™ was purposely designed to enable the legal community to assign separate client files a unique number. Once the law firm user is finished with a client file or meeting room, the entire file can be either archived or stored offline for years for later retrieval or it may be dissolved. This option enables an attorney within the law firm to treat each client file similar to a safety deposit box inside a vault. If this method is used for file storage and not dissolved, enormous storage becomes available in an electronic format thereby reducing the amount of physical space that would normally be used for client file retention. The secure online storage space of™, under such circumstances, becomes a secure backup system in the event the original files are lost in a fire, flood, theft, ethical compliance or some other unforeseen event.

Document Exchange and File Transfers™ allows each of the participating attorneys of a specific case to upload documents and turn the case files into online exchanges with a recordation of dates, times, and the names of the individuals who accessed the files exchanged. This integrated feature permits the law firm to track when and who accessed a given file, and eliminates wasted time that is inherent in other systems that are unsecure such as email and faxing. This integrated tracking can be reviewed daily, weekly or monthly. The unique advantage of™ over other online file exchange services is that there are no limits to individual client files. Each law firm can expand its storage space as needed. Such flexibility also enables a law firm to purchase individual client files as the demand requires (similar to acquiring additional files at the office supply store).

Collaboration with Anyone Anywhere Any Time.™ can be used as a daily tool in virtually every aspect of the practice of law.™ is the only known videoconferencing system that allows the invited participants to upload documents and convert those documents into a web friendly format. Any web browser can be used to view the documents without the need to upload third party software, therefore any invited participant can confidentially participate and review the documents with the host while using the built in document editor for making changes or additions to a document in REAL-TIME. Every invited participant can engage in the editing process. The stand alone document editing feature enables the average office to save on expenditures without participants being required to download software to their computer or individual accounts.™ also enables the legal professional to avoid routine and costly upgrades. Even older computers are able to access the site and participate in document review and editing.

Help Pages | Contact | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | EULA™ was created by lawyers for the legal community.™ was designed specifically to combine online document sharing and videoconferencing into one easy-to-use program with higher standards of security and confidentiality than what has been available in the marketplace.™ provides online document storage and videoconferencing for law firms and court systems without software downloads.

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